Budapest Airport to Balatonfured transfers Hungary


Taxi, minibus services and airport transfers straight to Balatonfured.



Our company undertakes airport transfers with comfortable, airconditioned 9 passenger minibuses. --->



Easy access, fast delivery with us can be accurately arrived at any hotel you choose. --->


A The Taxi and the Taxi Service at Lake Balaton ensure that your partners arrive at the exact time. --->

Balatonfured Airport Taxi -
Budapest Airport Transfer

The market is currently busy Our position has been placed on firm ground. This position has been in the past Our dedicated guest and our trusted partners thanks.
The Taxi at Lake Balaton and its current number of service providers ensure that With its comfortably air conditioned 9-seater minibuses a At the exact time.
The increasing number of taxi and minibus orders are on a better level, It is only excellent Local knowledge, many years of experience, at least one foreign language Possessing positive human qualities Drivers and taxis are our partners.


Repülőtér - Siófok Taxi max. 4 fő Minibusz max. 8 fő Busz max. 18 fő Idő / távolság
Budapest Liszt Ferenc - Balatonfőkajár 35.000.-Ft 45.000.-Ft 65.000.-Ft 1.5 óra/ 125 km
Siófok Kiliti - Balatonfőkajár 10.000.-Ft 15.000.-Ft --- ---
Budapest Liszt Ferenc (Ferihegy) - Siófok transzfer 35.000,- Ft 45.000,- Ft 65.000,- Ft 1.5 óra/ 125 km
Wien Schwechat (Bécs) - Siófok transzfer 75.000,- Ft 85.000,- Ft 120.000,- Ft 2.5 óra/ 255 km
Sármellék Fly Balaton - Siófok transzfer 30.000,- Ft 40.000,- Ft 60.000,- Ft 1 óra/ 80 km
Siófok Kiliti - Siófok transzfer 5.000,- Ft 8.000,- Ft 15.000,- Ft 15 perc / 10 km
Graz Airport - Siofok Transfer 80.000,- Ft 90.000,- Ft 130.000,- Ft 3 óra / 290 km
Bratislava Airport - Siofok Transfer 70.000,- Ft 75.000,- Ft 120.000,- Ft 2.5 óra/ 220 km

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